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Criminals are Using Pokémon Go to Find their Next Victim

Pokémon Go has Become Massively Popular; However, Can Allow for Criminal Mischief

Pokémon  Go players are attempting to find Pokémon creatures in real-life surroundings throughout the world.  These Pokestops are outdoors and even within geographical locations.  Game players are finding themselves in other peoples yards, inside businesses, in and around schools, Universities, hospitals and around landmarks. This new interactive game has caused some unhappy scenes.

Pokémon Go users have reported injuries and accidents related to playing this massively popular Nintendo game that was recently released.   When players are intensely watching their screens and not paying attention to where they are walking, riding or even driving bad things can happen.


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Property Crime Springs Into Action

Posted by Ken Bianchi on June 22, 2016 in categoryHome AutomationcategoryBurglary SystemcategorySecurity Cameras

As temperatures outside increase, crime trends toward a sharp increase as well.  There are several possible explanations for this correlation.  

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1.     Logged History – Every entry is logged for easy review.  If there is ever a need to investigate a break in or theft, it is invaluable to be able to access the history of access quickly and with ease.  You will always know who is coming and going at all times.  

2.      Allow/Deny access from anywhere at any time - No matter where you are, you can provide access to your commercial location or residence remotely.  Imagine letting a technician, cleaning person or contractor in that needs access, knowing when your kids get home, letting a neighbor in to check on your home when you’re on vacation.  You will be able to “buzz them in” easily.   You can allow entry into a controlled area or location on the fly - no need to travel to let someone in.


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Are you doing your part to deter Employee Theft? Find out how.

Employee Theft is a serious issue plaguing business owners worldwide!  Only 10% of business owners are aware that theft or fraud is happening within their organization.  Long time employees, family and trusted friends often steal, too.

Read more to hear Why and get our Top Tips to deter this kind of theft.  Keep your revenues where they belong!

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Who is monitoring your security system?

Posted by Ken Bianchi on November 11, 2012 in categoryBurglary System

Choosing a bad alarm company is like having a car without a battery.

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