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1.     Logged History – Every entry is logged for easy review.  If there is ever a need to investigate a break in or theft, it is invaluable to be able to access the history of access quickly and with ease.  You will always know who is coming and going at all times.  

2.      Allow/Deny access from anywhere at any time - No matter where you are, you can provide access to your commercial location or residence remotely.  Imagine letting a technician, cleaning person or contractor in that needs access, knowing when your kids get home, letting a neighbor in to check on your home when you’re on vacation.  You will be able to “buzz them in” easily.   You can allow entry into a controlled area or location on the fly - no need to travel to let someone in.

3.      Customization for each user – Set user levels.  Each user can be given access based on their specific needs.  You decide the days, times, rooms and locations each user can access.  Not only can this be done, but it is easy.

4.     NEVER change a lock again – With an electronic access system you will have an electronic database.  If an employee leaves the company, you can delete their credentials from any location in seconds.    If the card or fob is retrieved from an employee it can be reassigned very easily.  Replacing a card or fob is minimal in comparison to replacing or re-keying locks. 

5.     No more keys - Only one access method is used for multiple doors and locations.   No more out of control key rings to search through the sizes and shapes for the correct key.  

6.     Virtually Impossible Duplication – Physical keys can be copied and given to the wrong person, distributed or lost.  Electronic keys are much harder to duplicate requiring a high degree of knowledge and expertise. 



* In some instances, your Access Control System can integrate well with your Commercial Video Surveillance System.  This will provide added security and loss prevention value.


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Perfect for HOMES, OFFICE BUILDINGS of all sizes, NURSING HOMES, REHABILITATION CENTERS, ASSISTED LIVING, SENIOR COMMUNITIES, LOW INCOME HOUSING, GATED COMMUNITIES, APARTMENTS, DAYCARE CENTERS and more.  Access Control systems come in a variety of styles and access methods.  The options available allow us to customize a solution to protect your Employees, Property, Tenants and Family.  OMNI Security Inc. has the latest state-of-the-art technologies available today. 

Here in Upstate New York crime is on the rise and shows no signs of improvement.  In Syracuse and Rochester our crime rates are almost twice as high as New York City.   Buffalo is more than twice that of New York City.  That is truly scary!