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Are you doing your part to deter Employee Theft? Find out how.

Employee Theft is a very serious issue facing business owners in the U.S. today.  1/3 of business failures are a result of employee theft, fraud or other employee crime.  $600 billion is lost annually due to this type of theft.   Only 10% of business owners are aware this is happening within their organization.


Why do employees steal?

* No Surveillance System in place: This is your always-on manager, that does not lie, is always watching and not afraid to let you know.

* Lack of Access Control: No way to know who is coming or going and when (also acts as time and attendance)

* Lack of company Loyalty: "The owner has enough, what about me?"

* Lack of Senior Management watching: "It is easy"


Top Tips to deter employee theft:

* Hiring: Do your due diligence, perform background checks and call references.  Check the national database for employees accused of theft.

* Access Control:  Limit the number of employees who have keys.  Access control can be used on specific rooms as well as outer doors.  This can also be used for time & attendance.  Major losses often occur after hours and in limited access areas.

* Video Surveillance: This is your always-on manager that is never sick or on vacation, always watching, never lies and can be accessed from just about anywhere.  Be sure to install camera's viewing the parking lot.

* Employee Reward Program: Encourage anonymous tips and reward the behavior.  

* Stop by:  When you are expected to be gone, show up unannounced.

* Exiting Basics:  Keep exit door closed and alarmed.  Only allow employees to enter and exit out of designated doorways.  Have these monitored with camera's.

* Supervise your employees: When they know you are around, they are less likely to steal in front of you.