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Who is monitoring your security system?

Posted by Ken Bianchi on November 11, 2012 in categoryBurglary System

Choosing a bad alarm company is like having a car without a battery. What’s the point in having it if it doesn’t work? Unlike a car, a malfunctioning alarm system can result in damage or property loss. In some cases, worse things can happen. The importance of choosing a reputable company with a fast response time and an undeniable history of success is one the best things that homeowners can do. Not only does it save money on your annual homeowner's insurance, it also provides extra security to protect your belongings and your family. Let’s face it – there isn’t a crime free city in America.

Understanding how an alarm system works can help you understand why it is exceedingly important to use a company such as Monitronics to provide alarm monitoring services. Alarm systems do much more than make blaring noises during a fire or burglary. Monitored alarm systems send signals to a central monitoring station that will determine what type of signal it is, what triggered it, and the proper emergency team to respond. This may seem like a lot of steps, but a fast response team can contact you and have the police, fire department, or ambulance dispatched within a matter of seconds.

There is one alarm company that sets itself apart from the rest. Monitronics has the best response time in the industry. The average response time to an alarm event is 23 seconds. When there is a crisis, every second counts. Monitronics has undoubtedly perfected the system in order to maximize protection to their customers. The implementation of a special program called ASAP (Automated Secure Alarm Protocol) enables the system to send information electronically instead of using slower communication systems that other companies continue to use. Using an advanced system has also helped reduce the number of false alarms. In fact, Monitronics has the lowest false alarm rate in the industry which helps homeowners reduce the likelihood of paying high fines associated with false alarms.

Frost & Sullivan understands the importance of alarm systems and the high standards that alarm companies should strive for. After conducting an intricate analysis of residential alarm monitoring businesses, Monitronics was awarded for outstanding customer service, impressive response time, affordable pricing, and its expansion during low economic times. Monitronics has received recognition three times in the past four years. That’s really impressive when you consider how many alarm companies exist. Receiving an award of this stature shows that Monitronics is the best that there is in the business.

If you’re looking for an alarm company, it’s a great idea to shop around and compare prices. That’s what smart shoppers do, but you will not find an alarm company that offers so much protection without premium pricing. If you’re going to get an alarm system or if it is time to upgrade your current system, make sure that your alarm can do what it was designed to do. What’s the point in paying for service that won’t benefit you when you need it most?

If your home was burglarized today, it would take more than 23 seconds for the intruder to get inside and begin rummaging through your personal property. Within this time frame, Monitronics would have most likely received the signal, sent authorities, and notified you. It should certainly put your mind at ease - knowing that your house is protected even when you are away. Choosing an alarm company that takes their sweet time to send the police could mean more property loss.

The benefits of using a company with a history of the fastest response time, excellent customer service, and expertise will guarantee that your home or business will receive the finest security services available. Why not choose Monitronics? I can’t find any reason not to.