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Our value proposition is simple and straightforward. Our video technology capability addresses three essential areas Productivity, Protection and People.

Our systems are used for everything from measuring efficiency, training, increasing productivity, employee engagement, data security and compliance with securities laws

OMNI technology is fast, robust, high resolution and it’s very SMART. Today, more than ever, business security requires an innovative approach. One approach fits all is not a what we call solution driven.

No other security firm big or small has the combination of business environment experience and technology that can extend beyond security and deliver productivity improvement that directly impacts your top line.

Not one.


Not all video systems are created equal.  With OMNI you have options.

Explore our three HX Video Solutions:

HX Productivity (Increase Employee Engagement and Bottom Line)

HX Protect (Security Surveillance)

Hoptix720 (For Restaurant Owners)



Dark/Ultra Low Light Scene

Super Low Lux Demo Video



Low Light View Range Test

Moonlight/Almost Pitch Black Test