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Criminals are Using Pokémon Go to Find their Next Victim

Pokémon Go has Become Massively Popular; However, Can Allow for Criminal Mischief

Pokémon  Go players are attempting to find Pokémon creatures in real-life surroundings throughout the world.  These Pokestops are outdoors and even within geographical locations.  Game players are finding themselves in other peoples yards, inside businesses, in and around schools, Universities, hospitals and around landmarks. This new interactive game has caused some unhappy scenes.

Pokémon Go users have reported injuries and accidents related to playing this massively popular Nintendo game that was recently released.   When players are intensely watching their screens and not paying attention to where they are walking, riding or even driving bad things can happen.

Home owners and residents have launched complaints of strange people showing up at all times including odd hours.  This is causing concern for safety. 

 Some businesses are reporting people wandering into their establishments in the quest to catch `em all.  This has caused disturbances to patients, customers, staff and children.  Some business owners have seen a lack in productivity due to staff playing the game while at work.  Other businesses are taking this advantage to lure these Pokémon players into their establishments with discounts on items like snacks and such.

These game players need to stay aware of their surroundings and respect where and when they are playing.  The players also need to be concerned for their safety.  It is suggested they stay in groups traveling together and always be alert to the surroundings.  


Unfortunately, this fun & interactive game can also create the opportunity for criminals to target people and locations.  A criminal can lure players to remote locations where the unsuspecting player can become a target.  In other cases, a criminal pretending to be playing can wander into unacceptable areas for theft or loiter around areas to watch for a better time to come back for a burglary.  News reports all over the world are popping up daily on how this new game is being used to help robbers and criminals find their next victims.

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