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Property Crime Springs Into Action

Posted by Ken Bianchi on June 22, 2016 in categoryHome AutomationcategoryBurglary SystemcategorySecurity Cameras



As temperatures outside increase, crime trends toward a sharp increase as well.  There are several possible explanations for this correlation.  People spend more time out of their house and tend to be more socially interactive during the warmer months.  This creates an ideal opportunity for criminals to steal from unsuspecting people. Whatever the reason, 16% of people experience a property crime yearly.  Being extra careful during the spike in crime during the spring and summer months can help you avoid these crimes. 

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The benefits of implementing home security systems like these seem to be unending.  There is no better answer for deterring crime.  Homes without a home security system are three times more likely to be broken into.  With a security sign in your window or yard, criminals are three times less likely to target your home.  And when you're not home, your peace of mind is never in question.  The cost of your home insurance may also be lowered when you own a security system as your risk of burglary significantly decreases.  Give OMNI Security a call and one of our home security consultants will help you figure out which security options are best for you.

Some people make the mistake of assuming that their neighborhoods are safe from crime because they have never had any reports of a break-in.  Home burglaries can happen anywhere and at any time. The best solutions to crime in the home are:

  1. Burglary System – There are a lot of affordable systems that can be installed quickly to keep your home and belongings safe.  We recommend wireless systems with internet connectivity to provide you with the ability to stay connected with your home and upgrade in the future.
  2. Security Cameras – Most people don’t think of putting security cameras in their home.  They are a great option if you need to watch a nanny, your children, your pets, or even just checking to make sure your home is alright while you travel.  Security Camera can also provide police with critical clues to solve a break-in and return your belongings.
  3. Home Automation - Home automation systems have the ability to connect all of your electronic devices to a single user-friendly remote.  These systems give you the power to lock and unlock doors, turn appliances on and off, and remotely control the thermostat, just to name a few.