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A Proven Video Management Solution that Maximizes Employee Productivity, Decreases Employee Turnover, Increases Bottom-Line $$$ and Makes Life Good


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"We're seeing an extra $10k per month using this system, and that was just from being able to maximize our food costs"  - M.A., Lemoncello Restaurant


The most successful businesses don't make their employees work harder, they engage and train them so they want to work harder and smarter."  - Ken Bianchi, President of OMNI Security 



For years, the mandate has been straight-forward, every company regardless of size, had to protect its premises and people. Today, in addition to data security, a continuous focus on improving employee engagement and business productivity is essential.

In fact, it’s a top business priority for business owners and senior executives. Business leaders know that maintaining a high-performing workforce is essential for growth.

HXTM PRODUCTIVITY, is a proactive system that monitors day-to-day employee productivity and engagement and a key resource for identifying and closing efficiency gaps through efficiency training.  In addition to productivity gain, our technology extends into deterring inventory shrink, and mitigating activity that’s not in the best interest of your business or your people.

HXTM PRODUCTIVITY creates a more highly engaged workforce, increases productivity and top-line performance while reducing costs. It’s not just security, it’s a business tool


"Video systems are now used by companies for everything from measuring efficiency, to data security, to compliance with securities laws. The growth in business video systems is nothing less than stunning”   - - 

"Over 70% of all employees are not engaged at work" - Gallup Poll 2015, Jim Clifton

HXTM Productivity System

TESTIMONIAL: Don’t just take it from us, listen to what Human Xperience others are having with this solution.

WHAT'S SO DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS VIDEO SOLUTION?  Well, why do you run your business on High Speed  over Dial-Up internet?  It's simple, it's faster and more efficient which makes you more competitive and produces more revenue.  So why would you think you could use a system designed for reactive Security video surveillance (Dial-Up) for loss prevention and employee productivity issues that require proactive processes.  Employees respect what you inspect.  Payroll is your biggest expense and also where you have the greatest opportunity for increasing your bottom line without having to increase your overhead.   Progressive Owners and Executives are utilizing Productivity Video Systems (High Speed) as part of their operating systems and are doing more with less because the information they need, most of which is recorded footage, is delivered on-site or off-site in SECONDS vs. Minutes, and Minutes vs. Hours.   We Guarantee you'll see the difference in this experience!  Give us a call to check it out and get a free Fit Assessment.

Security Video Surveillance vs. Productivity Video Surveillance System


Compare the HXTM Camera Series and see why we’re the experts in this industry:

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Super Low Lux Demo Video
Low Light View Range Test
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