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It integrates everything into one very simple wireless platform. There's no complexity, just a better human experience.

Your System will always work
Even if the phone line is damaged, the panel is smashed, the power goes out or the Internet stops working
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Be well
Medipendant - an independentliving medical alert badge for the people we care about.
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Full remote access control
Complete remote location control, lock, unlock and visibility over all entry points to your home or apartment.Even the pool house if you have one.
Know that everything is OK
Best in class Visual Verify technology will show in real time what’s happening at your home.
Wireless and Interactive
Keeps it uncomplicated, remote and mobile friendly from your cell phone, pad, laptop and desktop technology.
Be green - save money
Reduce your energy costs with Energy Management technology that learns how you want to live and adapts.
No billing surprises
No, we won’t surprise you with a bigger bill or try to sell you things you don’t need.
Always On Awareness
Instant Alerts delivers real time notification by text or email Personalized user Codes lets you know who's coming and going at all times. History lets you look back at past activity.