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Posted by Ken Bianchi on June 18, 2012 in categorySecurity Cameras

My business, Omni Security, 9 years ago started as just that...a business.  A way of making a living by selling, installing and servicing security alarm systems to businesses and homeowners.  After more than a decade of being in the industry, it has become much more than that.  It, like most other professions, has become a way of life.  However, this way of life is one that protects and saves lives, and really allows for a better way of living....with very reasonable additional expenses.  This has been something a lot of people are increasingly able to wrap their heads around.  

I know security alarm systems, video surveillance systems, fire alarm system, carbon monoxide system and medical systems sometimes fall in the "gray area" of luxury item or necessity.  But I just pose the question to help you determine the much would you pay to make a life ending or life changing situation disappear after it just occurred.....really....think about it.  These situations happen every minute to people that are just like you right now, that never in their wildest dreams thought today they would have encountered a violent burglar, a raging fire, a life threatening medical injury, etc.  Now, what if you knew there was a system out there that could have prevented that tragedy or emergency from happening, and that system only cost a fraction of that amount that would reverse time?  I would venture to guess that you would be glad to fork over one hundred times, at least, of what you would have paid for that Life Safety System in order to make everything go back to normal.

When I now visit with potential customers, that's all I want them to think about.  It's so easy to put off spending an extra $30 to $50 per month, until the unexpected happens to you.  Then you wonder how you ever made that choice.  I enjoy more than anything now to sit down and consult with customers, their families, and their businesses so that I can open up their eyes to stop taking a reactive approach to life safety, and rather be proactive.  Have a Life Safety System in place that will give you that extra line of defense.  Don't take it from me, our customers are testimony enough.  You'd really be surprised at how much better you'll sleep at night.