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Security Tips for Property Managers

Posted by Ken Bianchi on June 06, 2013

If you are a property manager you understand some of the issues you face regarding security.  How many of these issues sound familiar to you?
  • Car or apartment break-ins
  • Frivolous lawsuits
  • Poor employee productivity
  • Vandalism
Do you ever wonder if some of these crimes are happening near your business?  We have found a very useful online tool called CrimeReports TM that can help you find out.  Chances are there is more property crime than you realize.
If these issues are left unchecked your property can quickly gain a reputation as “unsecure” or worse “dangerous”.  Lost revenue is the likely outcome.

Commercial says “Most insurance companies will offer a discount on your business insurance policy premiums if you have installed the appropriate, qualified alarm systems specifically tailored to your organization.”  Some of the systems that will reduce your risk and keep your employees and tenants safe are:

Video Surveillance – has proven time and again to only deter burglaries, but violence, vandalism, and poor employee performance.  When employees and criminals know they are being monitored via video surveillance they are much less likely to commit crimes.

Burglary Systems – Burglaries do not need to happen too many times until your property gets a reputation as unsafe.  An alarm system can stop the problem before it starts.  Good systems do not cost a lot to install and property owner have a few ways to pay for the monitoring: pay all of it themselves, split the cost with the tenant, or what many do, build all of it into the rent price.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Systems – Fire and carbon monoxide are dangerous hazards and protective systems are often required and regulated by local fire code.  Violations of this code can be costly and result in the loss of property insurance and even lives.


When the proper security and safety systems are in place a property manager should expect the following:
  • Good reputation for facility
  • Less vacancy
  • Better employee productivity
  • Limit lawsuits
  • Better insurance rates for facility and its tenants
  • More profits
Property managers are seeing the value in being proactive when providing security for their tenants.  Having these systems in place is an extremely attractive feature for renters.   When property managers have a better product to offer it makes their job easier, more lucrative and will prevent crimes and tragedies from happening on their property.