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Video Surveillance - Is it a good fit for my Business?

Posted by Ken Bianchi on August 01, 2016 in categoryHome AutomationcategorySecurity Cameras

In these trying economic times, threats come at a business from all angles. Take a look at the following video:

Fraud, lawsuits, low productivity, theft and even violent crime can cut into profits and destroy the feeling of security that underlies an effective workplace. However, all these threats can be reduced or eliminated with a surprising business addition: a video surveillance system. In many ways, a surveillance system leads to a safer, more efficient workplace. That means greater productivity and a bigger bottom line. Consider how surveillance equipment affects the following:

Theft prevention
Theft costs American businesses billions of dollars every year. Retail shoplifting is the most well-known form of theft, but it is not the only one. Craftier thieves may practice refund fraud, stealing items and returning them for refunds. Theft can also come from employees. Employee thefts are often small, like packets of paper or boxes of staples, but larger thefts can cost thousands of dollars. Sometimes, vendors and delivery men also take advantage of a business's open doors to pocket valuable equipment and merchandise.

Surveillance cameras reduce the impact of theft in two ways. First of all, the visible presence of the camera is enough to dissuade most thieves. Secondly, police can use the video collected by the cameras to catch thieves. When the arrest is made, the business owner can recover the stolen items.

Employee productivity
When employees do more in a shorter amount of time, profits swell. Cameras encourage employees to use their time wisely. Some employees waste time when no one is watching, and the supervisor cannot watch everyone at once. However, a camera never stops watching. Employees who always use their work computers to play games may soon be using their home computers to find a new job.

In addition, an employer can use data collected from video surveillance systems to devise strategies for increasing productivity. For example, if employees are spending too much time socializing, the employer can provide them visual proof of their lack of productivity.  With this visual confirmation, employees are much more receptible to alter their work habits.

Protection against fraud and lawsuits
Theft is one way businesses lose money, but fraud can be a more serious threat. Employee attendance fraud is one example, but it is easy to handle. A few well-placed cameras can monitor how often and how long employees are really on the job. Lying about extra hours worked becomes impossible.

Employee attendance fraud gradually bleeds money from a business, but one fraudulent lawsuit can be a deathblow. Cameras record criminals who purposefully fall and then try to sue the business owner. The video evidence against such criminals ensures that the judge will dismiss their claims. Lazy employees may also fall, but instead of suing, they will try to claim workers' compensation. Again, the best defense against this scheme is video surveillance.

Stop violent crime and sexual harassment
Keeping employees safe is a priority for every business. Video surveillance equipment makes violent criminals less likely to attack and helps bring those who do attack to justice. In this way, cameras protect employees and give them a true feeling of safety.

The presence of cameras also discourages sexual harassment. Sexual harassment cases that do occur are more manageable with a video surveillance system. Without surveillance, investigating harassment relies heavily on rumors and eyewitness reports. Often, conflicting reports make resolution difficult. With video surveillance, seeing what really happened is simple.

Remote monitoring
The above benefits are doubled for managers and owners who are not always at the business site. In fact, for employers who visit a site infrequently, video surveillance is essential. It is also convenient. Viewing footage no longer requires jamming tapes into a VCR. Instead, any computer with an internet connection can show the videos. Owners can monitor their business at any time from nearly any place. When someone is watching, employees work harder and criminals think twice. For any business, that means a better bottom line.

Seeing a demonstration of onsite and remote view of live and recorded footage is highly recommended.  There are many types of video surveillance systems that are out there.  Investing in a true loss prevention surveillance system (as opposed to the traditional "security" surveillance system) will eliminate ongoing losses that your business experiences.  These are faster and make it easier to retrieve and review data.  These features, when combined, allow business owners to quickly get a return on their investment and increase their profits.