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Home Automation - Energy Savings

Posted by Ken Bianchi on January 01, 2013 in categoryHome Automation

A home automation system can be part of effective home security, but it can also help you lower your energy use and heating bills throughout the winter season.  Home automation energy savings can be achieved quite easily with the additional benefits of reducing electricity costs, improving home comfort and increasing safety for your home and pets.  Statistics from Alarm.Com's automation department, the average family can see savings of $180 per year with proper use and programming of their "smart" thermostat.

Automation of Your Home’s Thermostat Reduces Energy Waste
When you program your thermostat through your automation system, your heating system will run less when you are asleep or buying tramadol online cod . The furnace or heat pump can be programmed to raise the temperature before you get up in the morning or when you arrive home from work. The data collected by your home security system will show the pattern of when you normally walk in the door. This is a good approach when you have a very consistent schedule and can actually provide you with better evidence of what your schedule is if you’re uncertain. Fine-tuning your programming will increase your home’s energy efficiency. Automating your heating system to run less when you are asleep under warm covers or when you are away from home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your heating bills.

When your schedule varies, you simply use your computer or your home automation cellphone app to turn up the heat prior to arriving back at home. With a few practice attempts, you’ll know just how long it takes for your home to return to the temperature you want, so you’ll never arrive to a chilly house. Keep pets in mind when you lower the temperature, and maintain a level of heat suitable for them.

Lower Electricity Costs by Automating your Home
Home automation energy savings related to electricity use are possible too. Your heating system uses electricity, especially if a heat pump is part of it. When the system is turned down, lower electricity costs are achieved.

Secondly, and a more significant source of lower electricity costs, is to automate your lighting system. Program the lights to be off while you’re away, and set them to come on before it gets dark or before you arrive home for tramadol online overnight fedex. If your schedule differs from day to day, then use a remote device or your automation app to turn on lights when on the way home.  You can also program your lights to turn on if the alarm system goes off so that any intruder is more inclined to run from a lit up environment during a home invasion at night.

Prevent Frozen Pipes with Home Automation
When outside temperatures are extremely cold, the potential for frozen pipes increases. A burst pipe can cause severe water damage to your home. Your home security and automation system is able to monitor outdoor temperatures. When they dip to a level that may freeze pipes in sparsely-heated areas of your home, the system will automatically turn up the heat to reduce or eliminate the possibility of frozen pipes.

In addition, you can remotely monitor the temperature within your home while away. If you notice that the temperature is falling, indicating a failure of the furnace or heat pump, you can head home or send help to your home to determine the cause of the problem and resolve it before pipes freeze. This type of monitoring will also prevent pets from suffering in the event of a mechanical failure to your heating system.

These are just the most common ways to achieve home automation energy savings while protecting your home and pets too. You’ll enjoy reduced heating bills and maintain your home’s comfort level for all.  Learn more about home automation at